Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey everyone! I'm new to this site but I thought I'd start up a blog to make myself a little well known. My name is Erica (Aka. Evenhours) and I'm an Art and Design student. The course I'm taking is absolutely wonderful. So much freedom, and only 24 students!!! Can you believe that?! It's a lovely environment for working since the prof. can give you one on one time anytime you want. The only problem that it's only one year and it's a portfolio building program (damn, wish I could say in it forever).
          I've been making youtube videos for something to do and a little bit of a new creative outlet. Be sure to check me out and subscribe! I love hearing from my viewers so please feel free to email me at: and to follow me on Twitter! And/or comment on my videos!
          I also have a deviantart that has mostly photography on it. I've been meaning to scan and upload some of my drawings and paintings and such but I've just been so busy.
           Anyways, I'm done boring you with my random blabber (but I think that's what blogging is for anyways.. whatever!) Be sure to check out my youtube channel and comment and email me questions!

Till another time, Evenhours.

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